Ovvio Studio, a Hong Kong Based Interior Design Consultant

OvvioStudio is a Hong Kong interior design company that creates a practical and aesthetically pleasing design. We adhere to the principle of “customer first”. The space planning and construction supervision will be followed up by our dedicated engineering team, focusing on quality management. We hope that each guest has their own comfort zone.
Service: design, decoration, engineering, planning, custom-made furniture, interior materials matching.
Services include: residential, office, store, project management and furniture design.
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1 . Initial

Understand the needs of the user, the living environment, special preferences, project budget, schedule of progress, etc.

2 . On-site measurement

From the designer to the scene to communicate with the home owner, and measure the scene, photo archive as a reference for design.

3 . Planned planning

For the initial planning, obtain the necessary recognition and establish the outline of the design.

4 . Design Appointment

Sign the design contract and make the necessary corrections based on the draft design. During the period, I will discuss with the homeowner.

5 . Detailed Design

According to the design of the final decision, complete the necessary detailed drawings and explanations, and discuss with the homeowner during the period.

6 . Quotation

After the design drawing and the materials for the project selection are confirmed, the “Complete Project Quotation” is proposed.

7 . Contract

Sign the project contract, fully gain the trust of the owner and enter the engineering stage.

8 . Delivery

The user checked and accepted the house and closed the case.


OvvioStudio Limited


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